A Shift In Buying Patterns · Keys to Success are Simple · Nov 2016

A clearer sense of understanding seems to be developing amongst the real estate market following the wake of confusion onset by the government’s intervention over the last two months. This month, yet again, we have seen very promising sales reported however we still have yet to see our normal volume of sales; this can be largely attributed to listings that have prices far above their fair market value.

West Vancouver’s Real Estate Market: What Is Really Going on? · Oct 2016

With the flurry of recent chatter about Vancouver’s housing market it is hard to derive ones own opinion on what is truly going on; here is my take on September’s real estate market. On August 2nd, the government announced and implemented a shocking 15% tax on foreign buyers and thus the real estate market was essentially thrown further into a state of confusion. Therefore, September’s home sale numbers have, of course, been affected over that of the previous years (2015).

What makes a great real estate agent?

Buying or selling your home is something that will have an immense impact on your daily life. You want to be sure that you have the best possible guidance to help you make this important decision. There are a number of things that you should look for when choosing a real estate agent, but what separates the good agents from the great?

A great (or dare I say incredible?) agent does three things that go above and beyond any of your expectations.

Taking a Different Perspective

Sometimes, when you’re searching for your dream home, things can get overwhelming and complicated. In moments like this we believe that it is imperative to take a different perspective..  Jamie’s favourite way to do this – take to the sky! Jamie loves to find captivating ways to introduce clients to new neighbourhoods and homes. Being a pilot himself, Jamie is able to combine two things he loves, flying as well as aiding his clients! He recently took a family out on an adventure over West Vancouver.